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Distinguished Lectureship 

Zhu Kezhen Distinguished Lectureship

The Zhu Kezhen Annual Distinguished Lectureship was established in 1997. The lectures, over several days, disseminate the latest scientific advances, discus the future trends, and address the University community at large. The lectureship is named after Dr. Zhu Kezhen. Thus, the occasion is also an opportunity to remember and honor Dr. Zhu.


Neil D Pearson

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
• Chinese Stock Market Dynamics: Insights From Recent Research
• What Mistakes Will You Make? Lessons From Behavioral Finance for Young (and  Older) Investors

Charles Bernstein

University of Pennsylvania
• Joker: Poetry, Irony, Solidarity

Past Lecturers

  • 2018

    Thomas Dunne
    University of California, Santa Barbara
    • Sediment Source of Amazon Floodplains: Environmental Implications
    David Kastan
    Yale University
    • Who's Shakespeare? Whose Shakespeare?
    Harry M Liebersohn
    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
    • What is Global History? Recent Debates and Emerging Trends
  • 2017

    Bruce Rittmann
    Arizona State University
    • Opportunities in Microbial Bioenergy
    • Understanding the Biofilm Anode in Microbial Electrochemical Cells (MXCs)
    Stephen P. Goff
    Columbia University
    • Transcriptional Silencing of Retroviral DNAs in Embryonic Cells
    Sir J. Fraser Stoddart
    Northwestern University
    • Materials beyond cyclodextrins: emergence opens up a whole new world
    • The mechanical bond - Minding art with science
    Jill Pipher
    Brown University
    • Cryptography: from ancient times to a post-quantum age
    • Dyadic harmonic analysis

  • 2016

    David Jerison
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • How smooth is a chemically polished surface?
    • Energy-minimizing configurations and free boundary problems
    P. R. Kumar
    Texas A&M University
    • The Opportunities and Challenges of Cyber-Physical Systems
    • Challenges Towards Increasing Penetration of Renewable Sources of Energy
    Liqun Luo
    Stanford University
    • Great Discoveries in Neuroscience
    • Assembly of Neural Circuits
    Carol Steiker
    Harvard University
    • Respecting Human Dignity: Social Inequality and Mass Incarceration in the United States
    • The Rise of Mass Incarceration in the United States: Causes, Critiques, and Current Changes
  • 2015

    James M. Tiedje
    Michigan State University
    • Interrogating Our Microbiome for Personal and Environmental Health
    Shu Chien
    University of California, San Diego
    • 谈美国一流大学学科建设—以生物医学工程为例
  • 2014

    Harry Klee
    University of Florida
    • The chemistry and genetics of tomato flavor: what makes us like what we eat
    Alice Chang
    Princeton University
    • How can you tell if it is a sphere?
    • Conformal Invariants: Some Geometric and Analytic Aspects
    William R. Wagner
    University of Pittsburgh
    • Regenerative medicine for people and economies: A case study of the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine
    • Cardiac wall injection therapy to treat ischemic cardiomyopathy
  • 2013

    Tom Ginsburg
    University of Chicago Law School
    • 作为宪法的产品
    • 交叉学科新视角下的国际法研究
    Yusuf A. Hannun
    Stony Brook University School of Medicine
    • Sphinx, sphingolipid metabolism and cell regulation
    Lawrence Craig Evans
    University of California, Berkeley
    • Hidden Convex Structures In Nonlinear Problems
    • Infinity Laplacian Operator and Related Equations
  • 2012

    Christos Cassandras
    Boston University
    • Cooperative Control and Optimization in an Uncertain Asynchronous Wireless Networked World
    • Joys and Perils of the Cyber-Physical World
  • 2011

    Mu-ming Poo
    University of California, Berkeley
    • Development of Neuronal Polarity
    • On Science and Scientific Life
    John Barceló III
    Cornell University
    • 国际商事争端解决 - 仲裁作为经济发展之路径
    • Cap and Trade Border Measures and WTO Law
    R. Graham Cooks
    Purdue University
    • Mass Spectrometry: Science, Technology and Molecular Analysis
    • Ambient Ionization and Miniature Mass Spectrometers: Applications in Disease Diagnosis, Food Analysis, Environmental Science and On‐line Monitoring
  • 2010

    Pol D. Spanos
    Rice University
    • Wavelets: A Mathematical Microscope for Applications in Engineering and Science
    • Pragmatic methods for nonlinear stochastic dynamics
    Thomas Dunne
    University of California, Santa Barbara
    • River Restoration in the United States: Research Challenges for Scientists and Engineers”
    • 河流的演变
    Luis A. Caffarelli
    University of Texas at Austin
    • Surfaces minimizing nonlocal energies
    • Homogenization of nonlinear problems
  • 2009

    Linda Saif
    Ohio State University
    • Mucosal immunity to enteric viruses: Gut reactions to rotavirus vaccines
    • Animal Coronaviruses: Lessons for SARS
    • Comparative aspects of enteric virus infections
    • Cruising for noroviruses and animal disease models

    Stephen Quake
    Stanford University
    • Biological large scale integration
    • Precision measurements in biology
    Carlos Kenig
    University of Chicago
    • 临界非线性色散方程与波动方程解的整体性质
    • 调和分析与偏微分方程
  • 2008

    Raymond L. Erikson
    Harvard University
    • The Role of Protein Kinases in Cell Signaling and Cancer
    • The Function of Polo-like Kinases in Cell Proliferation
    Marshall W. Meyer
    University of Pennsylvania
    • China’s Second Economic Transition
    Zhigang Suo
    Harvard University
    Yu Xie
    University of Michigan
    • Three Principles in Social Science
  • 2007

    Philip Benfey
    Duke University
    • Systems biology and development
    • Getting to the root of cell identity
  • 2006

    Xiaodong Wang
    University of Texas
    • 细胞凋亡的生化研究
    • 中国生命科学研究发展趋势
  • 2005

    Barry S. Cooperman
    University of Pennsylvania
    • The dynamics of protein synthesis
    • Ribonucleotide Reductase: a chemotherapeutic target
    Shu Chien
    University of California, San Diego
    Klaus Schulten
    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
    • Towards Understanding Membrane Channels
    • Mechanical Functions of Proteins
  • 2004

    Chih-Ming Ho
    University of California, Los Angeles
    Van C. Mow
    Columbia University
    • Rigorous Engineering Analyses of Human Joint Function and Etiology of Osteoarthritis
    • The Role of Biomechanics in Functional Tissue Engineering (FTE) of Articular Cartilage
    B.F. Spencer, Jr.
    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
    • Smart Structures Technology: Challenges and Opportunities
    • The George E. Brown Jr. Network of Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES)
    • Structural Health Monitoring for Civil Engineering Applications
    Kang G. Shin
    University of Michigan
    • 关于传感器网络的介绍
    • Secure Management of Sensor Networks for Monitoring Environments
  • 2003

    Chenming Hu
    University of California, Berkeley
    Eicke R. Weber
    University of California, Berkeley
    Zhenan Bao
    Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
  • 2002

    Charles Lieber
    Harvard University
    • Nanotech in Today's World
  • 2001

    Guoqiang Tian
    Texas A&M University
    • Incentives, Information, and Economic Mechanism Design
  • 2000

    Larry Yuchi Ho
    Harvard University
    • Discrete Event Dynamic Systems, Ordinal Optimization, and Computational Intelligence
  • 1999

    Umit Ozguner
    Ohio State University
    Masayoshi Tomizuka
    University of California, Berkeley
    J. Karl Hendrick
    University of California, Berkeley
    Pitu Mirchandani
    Arizona State University
    Chuck Thorpe
    Carnegie Mellon University
    • Theory and Practice of Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • 1998

    Alexander M. Meystel
    National Institute of Standards and Technology and Drexel University
  • 1997

    George T. Tsao
    Perdue University
    • Renewable Resources Engineering
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